Andy Cole, Dwight Yorke are posing for a picture

Écija Balompié SAD wants to make public its position regarding the situations that occur at the end of the season regarding the “tests” of our players on other teams.
All our players are part of our entity until June 30, even if they have finished their regular season.
As always, Écija Balompié will facilitate the projection and progression of its players as much as possible, but it must be remembered that the procedure is that any club that wants to have a player from the entity, must go to the Club, not players, parents, etc.
The normal practice is to follow this procedure, and Écija Balompié SAD has been facilitating these “tests” as long as this rule is respected. In the event that this procedure is not respected and in accordance with current regulations, Écija Balompie SAD could federatively denounce the corresponding persons and entities, so that it is sanctioned according to current regulations.
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