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Ten Essential Cricket Terms for the Uninitiated

One of the biggest sporting events of the year is going on right now, and hardly anyone in the United States knows. The International Cricket Council World Twenty20 (ICC T20 World Cup) is taking place in Sri Lanka. Cricket is extremely popular in former colonies of Great Britain, and over a billion people worldwide are...

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The Indian Premier League, Cricket Saga

Lalit Modi, who called himself, the IPL (Indian Premier League) Commissioner, has finally bit the dust. The hurricane of opinion against him started with his tweet from his Twitter account about a week ago. He began by tweeting confidential details of the Kochi franchisee and by tweeting out Sunanda Pushkar’s name. See the main...

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Hibernating Bears and Frost-Proof Crickets

According to a program on the Animal Planet, bears ‘adapted’ the ability to hibernate in ‘response’ to food shortages. Additionally, certain crickets ‘adapted’ the capacity to withstand being frozen solid. In other words, evolution occurring over millions of years produced in these bears and crickets an ability they did not possess before. If you are...