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Ecija Balompié, its Management Board, coach, players, workers and fans, express their deepest condolences on the death of our goalkeeper in the 96/97 season. A great professional and an excellent person who left his mark on the Club and the City. DEP Friend Willy. We rescued this Centurion article that he wrote for the Club’s....

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On April 2, Maundy Thursday, at 12 noon, Écija Balompié will play against Cónil. This party is dedicated to our countrymen who had to emigrate from the City, and many of them visit us these days. For this reason, the Club has set the general entrance fee to 3 euros and tickets have been distributed...

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Perks of Using an Electric Guitar

Are you a guitar player and are in search of an electric guitar? As in this article, you need not worry about it, and we will understand why one should consider an electric guitar. However, if you thought that acoustics is the only way to begin with, let us break the myth. Electric guitars are...