A Man testing a guitar in a store

Are you a guitar player and are in search of an electric guitar? As in this article, you need not worry about it, and we will understand why one should consider an electric guitar. However, if you thought that acoustics is the only way to begin with, let us break the myth.
Electric guitars are the ones that require external amplification. The core functions of this guitar are the same, but it provides players with some more interesting features which are not usually offered by standard acoustic. So, without further delay, let us start with the features of an electric guitar.

Features of electric guitar

  • Easy to play-

Over acoustic guitars, electric guitars are a bit easier to play. The strings are lighter, and the neck is slimmer, which makes it easy to handle. Mostly, they are made of a hunk of solid wood. Make sure to choose a good quality electric guitar.

  • The scale length-

It is the length between saddle and nut. The scale should be shorter as it reduces the string tension, making it easier for bending chords. There is a wide range of models available with shorter scale lengths.

  • Quality of sound-

The sound preferable depends on the musician and the play style. The sound quality served by an electric guitar is more clear, loud, and crisper than the acoustic guitars. The amplifier allows you to modify your tone.

  • Control over volume-

If you are a beginner and are in the stage of learning, practising at home or in a public area may cause disturbance to others. Using an electric guitar, you can adjust the volume. You can also completely turn down the amplifier. The volume can not only be turned down but also be turned up.

  • Variety of styles-

Generally, acoustic guitars come in a single colour and style. At the same time, there are a variety of designs and styles of electric guitar available. In addition, a guitar reflects the player’s personality and style. So, pick a guitar that is as unique as you are.
The parts of an electric guitar are- the headstock of the guitar carries tuning bolts, the neck carries the fingerboard which holds the frets and the body, which contains the tone and the volume button, the pickups, and the tremolo bar.

The guitars can be classified depending on various factors. A Few of them is- the type of neck and the number of strings. There are six strings, seven strings, twelve strings, and various other numbers of strings are available. Focus on the body type of the guitar you wish to purchase. It is necessary to master the basic techniques of playing an electric guitar. Remember always tune your strings. The versatility of this guitar makes it a great choice. You will need some time to get comfortable with it. But, when you get it, you will surely rock it up. It is worth your investment. The rocky tones it provides give you a Rockstar-like feel. Hopefully, you have received the knowledge you wished to gain.