A women drinking water in front of water purifier

Phillips AC 2882/50

Phillips is one of the top brands to manufacture air purifiers. You can be sure that this model is no less than extraordinary, just like the previous models in this air purifier India reviews list were. The highlight about the Phillips 2000 series is that it already has three modes inbuilt in it: allergens, bacteria and virus mode, so you can choose whichever one you want for your home. The Pollution Mode accurately predicts the invisible toxic waste in the air at your home and not the ones that are created by indoor activities like cooking. They reduce the PM levels according to the Pollution Mode. Another feature worth knowing is the Allergen Mode, which uses an algorithm that detects regular events like shaking a pillow or turning on a vacuum cleaner and factors in those events too while getting rid of the allergens. Other unique highlights are the Smart Lighting, the efficient Aerodynamic working, the Low Noise, and the VitaShield IPS Technology.

Dyson Pure Cool Tower TP04

The Dyson Pure Cool Tower easily gets the award of the unique design among the lot and one of the best air purifiers overall. With a bladeless fan, the purifier tower also cools your home in the summer. Gauging the air in your home displays everything on the LED display, starting from PM2.5, PM10, VOC, NO2, and AQI (even in a graph form). After the HEPA and activated carbon filters have done their work cleaning out the air, the 290 litres airflow per second makes sure that the pure air reaches every corner of your room. The fan’s oscillation can be done at any angle that you want, but the pre-set angles are 45, 90 and 350 degrees. With an easily changeable filter, night-time sees the appliance with a dimmed display and a near noiseless working. Your cleaner will be at your fingertips with the Dyson App and the ability of the tower to connect to Wifi.

Honeywell Air Touch S8

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome another Honeywell masterpiece to the stage (applause booming in the crowd). This 52 W air purifier comes with a highly up-to-date three-stage filtration system that consists of a Pre-Filter, HEPA filter, and HiSiv Filter. And this super filter proves its worth by dusting off 99 per cent of the harmful pollutants present in the air surrounding you. The 3 Dimensional airflow design has been constructed so that the clean air can travel all around the room, making the air pure for you and your loved ones. An eco-friendly working makes sure that it does not produce any pathogenic materials that can harm the ozone layer, so all you environmentally conscious people, you don’t need to worry – it’s all good. With the Wifi enabled feature in the air purifier, you can connect and control the appliance from anywhere, anytime you want.
You can thank the Low Noise operation for the steady but quiet functioning of the absolute best air purifier when it’s naptime.