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He was able to win the Écija. Sanluqueño could also do it. In the end, distribution of points in San Pablo in an entertaining match, played from power to power, between two teams that sought victory and offered an interesting duel.

Juan Ramón Martín’s team stood up to Atlético Sanluqueño, fourth-placed, a well-established team that knows what it plays and handles concepts well. In front, a good Écija, who tried to give rhythm to the game and who in various phases, especially as a result of tying the match with Castro’s goal, surpassed his rival and had a few chances to win. On the way out, Juan Ramón opted for his eleven type, with the only novelty of Núñez for Alejo, who finally did not arrive in time to play; the captain, with a right toe, the 5th metatarsal, very inflamed after a strong blow in Ceuta, will have to wait one more day, at least, to reappear. The rest of the team, the usual. First minutes of scoring, with few arrivals to the areas. The clearest, perhaps, in the 20th minute, starring Gulle Pavón,

The response from the visiting team resulted in the best chance of the first half. Pedro Carrión invented a magnificent play to assist Cristian Terán, who, just in front of Molero, sent the ball close to the base of the left post. It was the 36th minute. On the local side, Troyano would also disturb goalkeeper Fran with an excessively focused header from a corner.
And on the horn, Ramírez, a former Ecija, signed a great individual action with a shot that came out licking the crossbar. Thus ended the first half, leveled, leveled, with the swords raised.
As soon as the game resumed, Pedro Carrión could score, but his shot went close to the left post; It was the first play of the second half and the veteran forward began to leave his mark on the match; in the 6th minute, he snaked on the edge of the area and narrowly shot wide. On the local side, Juan Guerra was left alone in front of the goalkeeper and, with everything in his favor, his last touch before kicking was excessively long, losing options to the goalkeeper. If you are a huge sports fan, you might want to look into playing UFABET168บาคาร่า online.

In the 12th minute, the penalty. At the exit of a corner kick, Núñez, in a struggle with Cristian, knocked down the attacker. Guzmán Mansilla, the referee, whistled the maximum penalty, very rigorous, and Pedro León hit the net, beating Molero. The game was going uphill but Écija reacted soon and tied with a goal from Alberto Castro, in the 18th, with a header. It is the first goal of the Ecijano since he signed in the winter market. Castro was very attentive to the goalkeeper’s rejection and, with his head, scored the tying goal. From there, Écija took over the game. Juan Ramón opted for the attack and, with Manuel Torres, Juan Guerra, Juan Delgado and Alberto Castro, put a siege to the visitor portal. Juanito, Manuel Torres, Delgado… they all tried, but the ball did not want to enter. In the last action of the match, minute 50, Manuel Torres had it,

In short, a good game, entertaining, interesting, between a Sanluqueño who is fourth in the table and is, obviously, for something, and an Écija who played from you to you and who could perfectly take the victory. The team of Juan Ramón has merit, who yesterday again threw youth players to complete the call, since he could not count on the injured Úbeda, Rubén Alonso, Alejo, Iván Martín and Iván Martos. The team is placed with 47 points, and continues in the good dynamics of the game, intensity and rhythm that the category requires to, practically now, certify permanence.