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Victory by the minimum, deserved, of Écija Balompié against Los Barrios with a solitary goal from Juan Guerra in the 38th minute of the first half. In this way, the Ecijan team achieves three very important points that consolidate it in the middle zone of the qualifying table.

From the outset, the Écija coach, Juan Ramón Martín, opted for Antonio Troyano as Lolo Armario’s dance partner in the center of the field, in the absence of Juanito and Núñez, who were sanctioned, and Rubén Alonso, who was sanctioned. And the truth is that Troyano had a very serious game, always well positioned and playing without complicating the least. Wow, what the position requires. Back, well the four defenders, with Laguna almost as a spectator the whole game. Ahead, the expected, with Manuel Torres, Guerra in the midfielder, and Elady, forming a line of three behind Delgado. In addition, you could always bring your favorite casino games with you via แทงบอลเว็บไหนดี.
The staging of Écija was interesting, with a good first quarter of an hour, with some interesting arrivals and dangerous shots, such as a direct free kick signed by Lolo Armario in the 14th minute, which was saved by visiting goalkeeper Borja in a stretched feline .

The only visitor response was a counterattack on the right wing, with Carrasco finishing near the crossbar on the best occasion for his team. It was the 20th minute.

The game declined from that point on. Everything became less lucid, with little precision in the passes and very few arrivals. Delgado finished off with a head danger a center from the left in the 27th and little else. When the worst painted the picture, not because Los Barrios pressed, but because football was conspicuous by its absence, the only goal of the game arrived. Juan Guerra took advantage of a bad clearance from Cádiz to stand in front of Borja and beat him low. It is the eighth goal of the striker, today one of the fittest players on the team.

In the second part, local domain. Juan Guerra had the second goal in his boots in the 10th minute, but after a phenomenal individual action, this time he could not overcome the goalkeeper. Perhaps, the best thing would have been to pass Manuel Torres, who arrived only on the right free of mark.

Ecija forgave and it was about to cost him dearly, because the referee made a mistake in the 13th minute, when Miguelito’s goal was canceled for offside. At the time of the pass that left him alone in front of Laguna, the number 7 of Los Barrios was enabled by Alejo, so there was no illegal position. For once, the referees have erred in favor of the Ecijano team. In the last half hour, Juan Ramón’s team dominated the ball, and through Elady, in individual action, or Alejo, when he finished off a stopped ball over the crossbar, he was able to widen differences. However, the clearest opportunity came in the 49th minute, when Los

Barrios was trying to find a draw with one less footballer due to the expulsion of Joan Llaves, when Iván Martos enabled Nacho and the squad fired loose at the goalkeeper’s hands, clearly forgiving the second local goal. It was the last play of a match that will not go down in history, typical of the Third Division, in which the one with the most exposure, Écija, undoubtedly deserving of the three points at stake, won.