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A defensive failure by Cádiz B, well used by Juan Delgado, gave Écija Balompié his third away win, who added three more points to establish themselves in positions far from the danger zone.
The goal came in the final stretch of the game, after a long ball that the yellow defense did not know how to clear and that was killed in the local area for the Ecijano striker to beat Manu with his right.
Until that moment, neither Cádiz B nor Écija Balompié had done much to unbalance the scoreboard. The Cadista subsidiary was better in the first half, in which Miguel, Óscar and Juanfran had occasions to unbalance the score against an Écija that did not disturb the rival area. If you are a huge sports fan, high is the chance you’d do really well playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via UFABET.

After passing through the changing rooms, Cádiz B fell asleep and Juan Ramón’s team improved, especially after Núñez entered the field of play. His was the best chance up to that moment for Écija, in a shot after a free kick by Lolo Armario, who advanced his position with the entry into play of the defensive pivot from Ecija.
Écija stretched out and prowled Manu’s area, without success until the play of Juan Delgado’s goal arrived, which ends fourteen games without winning away and two consecutive without scoring.
Technical file

Cádiz CF B: Manu; Álvaro Ramírez, Molina (Franco, min. 87), Pepe Castaño, Tenorio; Juanfran, Miguel (Zapata, min. 72), Óscar, Canti; Carry and Carmona (Alevín, min. 81).
Écija Balompié: Molero; Guti, Adri Crespo, Alejo, Troyano, Guille (Bolívar, min. 88); Juanito, Lolo Armario; Alberto Castro (Núñez, min. 61), Juan Guerra; and Juan Delgado.
Goal: 0-1 min. 84, Juan Delgado.
Referee: Rodríguez Varela (Huelva school). I admonish the players from Cadiz Molina and Juanfran; Lolo Armario, Guti, Juanito, Adri Crespo and Molero saw a yellow card for Écija Balompié.