A basket ball court holding a racquet

Having the right tennis gear is not just about choosing the right Tennis Rackets. It also means choosing the right outfit that will support your movements on the court and allow you not just comfort but greater speed and flexibility.

A good material for your tennis sportswear would be polyester microfibers. You can also use one with a blend of polyester and cotton. Polyester helps to absorb moisture and allows for faster evaporation. Cotton, on the other hand, tends to hold moisture in. This can cause quite a bit of a problem especially on cold days.

You can also choose to wear either loose-fitting sportswear or elastic ones. Loose-fitting is generally recommended as they do not restrict movement and allow for better circulation. It will also take on less wear and tear as you move around the court. Women can also choose to have loose-fitting sports bra if it does not compromise support. Shorts with elastic waistband are also recommended.

How about shoes? Bearing in mind that a game of tennis usually lasts for about an hour and involves a lot of running and sprinting around court, you also need to give this ample attention. When choosing shoes, make sure that they fit snugly to your feet. Give a little allowance for your feet to breathe. During a game of tennis, your feet may ‘expand’ so you have to make sure you have room for that. Don’t make it too loose however, or you could end up compromising speed and balance. The best advice is to measure both feet at the end of the day (when they tend to be at their largest) and go with the size of the larger foot).

Look for shoes that have durable outer soles. Running around on the court’s rough surface can easily wear out your shoes. Tough, durable soles can ensure that you will be using your shoes for a long time and that you will not have any maintenance problems while on court. They can also help protect your feet from the heat and from abrasions as well. And if you are a huge sports fan, you might actually do well playing some fun sports betting games via blogbuzzer.com.

As for tennis rackets, they will depend on what stage you are in your game. Lightweight rackets will serve you well if you are a beginner. Look for ones that have good grips and durable overgrips so that your hands will take in lesser shocks from the impact of the ball hitting your racket.